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If you had a brother who could not walk, how hard would you run?
That's the story of Marcus Dupree, one of the greatest college football running-backs of all time. Although Marcus’s story of success, failure and perseverance provides many insights into his life, none are more deeply felt than the compassion and love Marcus shared with his younger brother Reggie, who was born with Cerebral Palsy. It is this compassion and love that provides a guiding principle for which I live my daily life.

Aside from the physical challenges Reggie would have to overcome, there were deep emotional impacts — such as the feeling of being left behind or left out. In the end, Marcus ultimately held himself responsible to never let Reggie feel that way. Marcus understood first-hand the opportunity he had and the opportunities his brother would never have, and chose to work harder because of it.

This lesson, as I apply it to my life, is to always give full effort - to run as if my brother could not, because so many people will never have the same opportunities you do. I do not need a brother with a disability to understand how precious every opportunity can be. It is important to me that I take every opportunity very seriously and understand that someone else could be wishing they had the same chance to prove themselves. Furthermore, if I take any opportunity in life for granted, then I am letting someone down - and as Marcus Dupree has shown with his younger brother, letting someone down is unacceptable.

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A day in my life

- 6AM -
Wake Up — Damn, I just fell asleep…but lets go
Wake for all those who did not
- 7:15–9am - 
Commute (barf) and Emails/Design for side work
Turn a necessary evil into an opportunity to do more
- 9AM to 5PM -
Work @ FJORD, hallelujah
The moment I’ve been waiting for #DreamGig
- 5pm–7pm - 
Commute again - and Emails/Design for startups
Another opportunity someone else may never have
- 7pm to 9PM -
CrossFit - I'm tired, why does everything feel SO heavy...
It's hard, but I have the opportunity to get stronger mentally and physically
- 9pm-12pm - 
Dinner — finally get to eat! Oh, and more work
Refuel and prepare to push even harder tomorrow


The purpose is not to compare my day to others, but to understand how every piece of my day is affected by the people I allow to influence me. We all do so many things on a daily basis, but it is important to do your best every moment of every day - if not for yourself, for those who wish they had the same opportunities as you.

If ever I wonder whether I am pushing myself hard enough, I simply ask:
If you had a brother who could not walk, how hard would you run?

The mentality it takes to persevere
Marcus and Reggie